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St Paddy's Day
In Galway, Ireland, 2013

The St Paddy's Day Parade in Galway is a blast. 

St Paddy's Day in Galway, hoola hoops

Young Galway Community Circus artists showing off their skills.

This town is famous for its' Arts Festival parades that are brought to life by street theatre group Macnas with their original themed street drama pieces.

This culture 'rubs off' on St Paddy's Day parades. Anything goes, and everyone has fun. I am sure you will agree when you see the photos below that these parades are a far cry from what they were even twenty years ago with one school marching band after another playing tin whistle tunes, interspersed by some floats with formal, stiff content.

These days, community groups, charities, sports clubs and interest groups all contribute to the parade. The contributors a a very varied bunch. Their agenda of course is  to get seen.  But the underlying culture is to make the parade a fun eventwhere you attract attention by being original.

St Paddy's Day in Galway, circus performers

Tom Duffy's Circus parading their horses.

St Paddy's Day in Galway, street performers

...while street artists interact with the audience to create a great atmosphere...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, Macnas street performers

...some theatre people posing as Claddagh fishmongers trying to sell their fish to the revellers...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, the crowd

...and kids of all ages watching and enjoying themselves...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, kids

...some boys getting a bit tired here with all the marching...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, audience

...but the audience is cheering them up...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, school show

...some more traditional contributions work well when they are interspersed with all the fun stuff...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, international flags

...flags for different nations to show how multicultural Galway has become...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, human Jim Larkin sculpture

...a memorial to Jim Larkin coming to life holding speeches to the audience...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, Norman knights

...followed by some medieval Galway Norman knights...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, community gardeners

...and community groups advertising and showcasing their work...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, children

...and everyone loves green today...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, families

...Get your Irish flags out...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, Galway Community Circus

...or dress up really colourful, whichever you prefer...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, Galway Community Circus performers the dancers and have fun...

St Paddy's Day in Galway, cute pair
St Paddy's Day in Galway, Saint Brendan's boat

Another boat, faithful to the Galway maritime theme.

St Paddy's Day in Galway, celebrations at Park House after the parade

And when the marching was all done I met some gentlemen form a  marching band enjoying a quiet pint and having their St Paddys Day lunch at a nearby hotel as town started to buzz.

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