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Ireland Vacations

Make your Ireland Vacations the experience of a life time by planning them from the word go.

Carraroe Coral Beach, County Galway, Ireland.

The Coral Beach at Carraroe, County Galway, Ireland

In this section we will provide you with a lot of inspiration and some detailed information about places, tourist attractions and heritage sites worth visiting, all from our firsthand experience.

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland.

We live on the West coast, in County Galway, so we are gradually going to work our way around starting from there.

Ireland Vacation Information You Will Find:

  • Tourist attractions and heritage sites through our eyes: What we love about the places and attractions we are writing about here and some special tips from us for your visit
  • A small bit of history to deepen your understanding of what you are seeing, just enough to get you ‘hooked’. For in-depth history on heritage sites, check the section on 'Irish Heritage Sites'
  • Tourist information: Opening times and prices if applicable, directions
  • We are putting up travel videos on some pages to give you a sense of the place

Ireland Vacations West

If you arrive in Shannon for your Irish holidays, the entire west Coast is ‘yours for the taking’. Explore County Clare’s spectacular limestone coastline, the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher (see photo above), then delve into Irish culture in this ‘most musical’ of all Irish counties.

To the South of Clare, you can visit Bunratty Castle in Limerick, the Hunt Museum which houses one of the countries most enthralling exhibitions. The Rock of Cashel is a fascinating Early Christian site.

And further South yet, visit the Ring of Kerry, a major tourist attraction and probably most people’s first tour destination. Let you eyes be spoilt for sudden changes of scenery between the sensational seascapes, mountains and lakes of this county. Visit Funghi the dolphin in Dingle. The Blasket Islands make for a wonderful trip, so does Valencia, and definitely don’t forget the Skellig Islands.

Going North from County Clare, spend your Ireland holidays in Galway City, soak up some culture at our many festivals and experience how easy going life can be here. An excursion to the Aran Islands will spice up your time here with a bit of contrast. And don’t forget to tour Connemara (photo below), North West of Galway, with breathtaking bog landscapes, hill walks, and some of the most beautiful Irish beaches thrown in, visit Leenane and Renville, take a boat trip on the county’s only fjord at Killary harbour.

Connemara hills, County Galway, Ireland.

Ireland Travel North West

County Mayo’s convivial Westport is worth experiencing, and there is a stunning coast line between Westport and Louisburgh.

County Sligo is stuffed with heritage sites including the oldest buildings on Earth, older than the Egyptian pyramids at Carrowmore, County Sligo.

Further North explore County Donegal, a dramatic mix of beautiful beaches and rugged mountain landscapes.

This is just a small selection for your Ireland vacations. There are so many beautiful places to see on this island! The Irish landscape changes every few kilometres into something totally different and unexpected, especially along the Western seaboard. Every County has its’ attractions and festivals.

The entire country is dotted with historical sites of various ages of Irish Culture some of which you should include in your Ireland vacations. You can visit Ireland any time of the year, there are lasting experiences to be had always. We will show you how to delve into the real Ireland, not just the superficial information you see in tourist brochures.

Living in Galway, the West Coast will be our natural starting point. We will write about Galway and neighbouring counties, and then gradually build this tourism section out from there over time.

Ideas For Your Ireland Vacations:

East And Midlands

County Roscommon

County Sligo

County Galway

County Mayo

County Clare

County Limerick

South East

Even if you are not planning any Ireland vacations, be a regular on this site, and join us as the site, and especially this section, grows. It is and will be a labour of love for us.

If you like what we do, please support us by using any of the social functions on this website to give us a shout out, find them at the top left, or at the very bottom of this page.

Many Thanks.

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