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About Us
At Enjoy Irish Culture

Enjoy Irish Culture are Colm and Susanna and this is our website.

We are an artist couple who run a small local art school at Corrandulla, County Galway. We love Ireland and are passionate about bringing you what we feel is the very best of it.

The team.

There you are that's us, exploring Norman medieval costumes at the Athenry Heritage Centre.

Colm is from Gurteen, County Sligo, where he was born and bred.

His mum though is from Cois Fhairraige in County Galway, having moved back to where she grew up after her retirement.

Colm's mum grew up as an Irish speaker. Although she did not raise her children exclusively through Irish, this background did leave a strong imprint on Colm. His grandparents spoke little English, and as a child, staying with them every summer, he was exposed to the old way of life and traditions. Colm studied art at third level, and nowadays he paints Irish landscapes, a lot of Connemara scenes, as this is the corner of Ireland that he loves best.

And I am Susanna, a blow in from Berlin, Germany washed up on Irish shores in 1991. I, too, am an artist, painting Irish landscapes. I went to college in Galway and then, between one thing and another, never left. So I have had a long time to fall in love with Ireland and Irish Culture, the Irish landscape. I really love it here, and building this website is deepening that feeling of connection.

At some stage, we promise, we will upload some of our art work to show you what we do, bear with us as this site grows.

We have two lovely children, Cillian and Tara. You will see them on some of the photos on this website. They are great company, and are enjoying the process of making the site, the excursions, the people they meet. Both of them are very Irish in that they are extremely sociable. They love meeting the people we meet making this site, they love listening to Irish music and learning about Irish history. It's a great adventure for all of us.

The Kind Help All Around Us

Although both of us love Irish culture, we don’t claim to be experts! But we soon realised that there was help available all around us.

When reading through this website you will meet some of our very knowledgeable friends and family who have contributed, agreed to be filmed, given advice, leant us books or otherwise directed us to the right information, that have proof read material and so on.

Thanks all, we couldn’t do this without you!

So, here we are and we are doing it...with passion.

Starting into the project has given both of us an even deeper appreciation for Irish Culture and the place we live, the West of Ireland. This project is a chance to get even closer.

Already, we have reconnected with old friends, spent time with some we hadn’t seen that much of, and we are starting to meet new friends, amazing people many of them, all doing their bit to keep the Irish culture alive.

What a gift! As well as putting in a lot of work, we are having plenty of fun and some memorable experiences together as a family.

Thanks for visiting, and keep in touch.

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Regards, Colm and Susanna

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Warmest regards, Colm & Susanna

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