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Medieval Castles In Ireland-
A Ten Question Quiz

So, you think you know all about the medieval castles in Ireland?

Let’s find out if you do!

Roscommon Castle in Roscommon town, Ireland.

Roscommon Castle, County Roscommon, Ireland.

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Take our ten question quiz, check for the answers at the very bottom, then learn more from the links provided and rate your results if you like!

Medieval Castles In Ireland-Questions

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1)    What is a garderobe?

a)    A place to keep your clothes
b)    A place to do your make up
c)    A place where you go to the toilet
d)    A place where you keep your clothes and go to the toilet

2)    Why do you often see tortoise shells displayed at castles?

a)    Because they are pretty
b)    Because they show visitors to the castle how far you have travelled and how wealthy you are
c)    Because you’d need them as containers for your precious stuff
d)    Because tortoise meat was a medieval Sunday dish

3)    Why are windows at the medieval castles in Ireland mostly narrow and long and splayed towards the inside? 

a)    They didn’t have glass so this was an attempt to keep the draft out.
b)    It was the fashion of the time.
c)    They were used to shoot arrows through should your castle be under attack.
d)    They could only build this type of windows because the castle walls were too thick for any other type.

4)    Take a guess- what is a ballistae?

a)    A very large medieval weapon used in the defence of a castle
b)    The term refers to the robe of an earl
c)    A medieval balcony where the harper played his tunes
d)    The pretty up and down structure on the roof of castles

Half way through! Phoo!

Take a breather with this beautiful photo of Ballinduff Castle in County Galway.

Ballinduff Castle, a medieval Irish castle in County Galway, Ireland.

5)    Where in the castles in Ireland did the earl and his family in medieval times?

a)    They had their own private quarters at the top of the castle
b)    They slept among their servants and soldiers in a very large hall
c)    They had a separate building all to themselves while the castle was inhabited mostly by soldiers
d)    They slept close to the kitchen so they could have midnight feasts

6)    What is an oubliette?

a)    A gruesome medieval prison
b)    The bathroom of the castle
c)    A romantic meeting place in the castle garden
d)    The room in the castle where meals were served, often for large crowd

7)    What did the original medieval castles look like?

a)    Cut-stone, neatly pointed to reveal the masterful stone work
b)    Plastered and painted white
c)    Painted green and brown for camouflage
d)    Painted white, yellow, orange, or pink

8)    What roof covering was used in the medieval castles in Ireland?

a)    The roof was corballed stone
b)    The roof was thatched
c)    The roof was slated
d)    The roof was covered in wood shingle

9)    Which picturesque medieval castle in Ireland served as a meeting place for the Celtic revival movement in the early 20th century?

a)    Dublin Castle because it was in the capital
b)    Athlone Castle because it was in a central location
c)    Bunratty Castle because it was close to the sea
d)    Dunguaire Castle because it was owned by an aficionado

10)    Name two essential everyday functions that castles needed to accommodate in the bawn.

a)    A forge and a pigeon tower
b)    A doctor’s practise and a chapel
c)    Leather works and a market
d)    Metal works and a stone carving workshop

How Did You Do?
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Total castle buff.

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In the words of Samuel Beckett:Try again, fail again, fail better!

Moynard Castle, a medieval Irish castle in County Galway, Ireland.

Castles in Ireland- this is Moynard Castle, County Galway.

The Often Rather Surprising Answers:

1)    D   

See an example here!

2)    B

Sound strange? Check it out here.

3)    C 

Find out about so called loop windows.

4)    A 

Find out which castle had ballistae!

5)    B 

Find out here how they lived in medieval times, and here how that changed into the Renaissance.

6)    A 

Don't believe me? Find out the gruesome truth here.

7)    D 

See for yourself here!

8)    B 

Hard to believe, isn't it? Find out here how we know.

9)    D 

Read about the picturesque castle here!

10)    A

See both of these features at Parke's Castle.

Hi there, nice to meet you like this! Hope you enjoyed our medieval castle quiz!

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