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Enjoy Irish Culture ezine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
March 02, 2013

Dear readers,

thanks for subscribing to the Enjoy Irish Culture ezine. This is our March edition, and of course March features one of the highlights of our year, Saint Patrick's Day, the name day of the man often affectionately referred to as St Pat or St Paddy. With the big day coming up, we have added a series of Irish history articles, and we even have a quiz on the history of Saint Patrick!

If the links below aren't active in your mail, copy and paste them into your browser window.

Was St Patrick really the first to bring Christianity to Ireland?

Saint Patrick was a successful missionary. Find out what his success was due to.

Twelve historically proven facts about St Patrick.

And, finally, take our quiz and find out just how Irish you are!

We also have six new pages on the Claddagh Ring which, of course, has its' home here in Galway:

The Claddagh Ring

The ring traditions

Just to give you a taste, and the other pages are then found easily in the menu.

Colm has finished four more pages on salmon fishing, just two links here:

Salmon fishing methods

An ode to the Atlantic Salmon

Just enough there to cheer you up on this Saturday morning! Wishing you a lovely weekend, a very Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and a healthy and happy start of spring. Come visit us often and learn something new about Irish culture each time. Slán and see you again soon.

Colm and Susanna

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