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Enjoy Irish Culture ezine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
February 01, 2013

Dear readers,

thanks for subscribing to our ezine. This is our very first issue! We will be mailing you on the first of every month, and will fill you in on the highlights of new additions to the site in the last month. We hope to inspire you to come by often!

So, let's start with a topical one: Saint Brigid. That's right, today is Brigid's Day. Spring is nearly here! All over Ireland, children at school, and mums and dads with their kids will have made Brigids crosses. If you haven't made yours yet, join us in the studio:

We wrote a couple of pages about St Bridget, too. Find out what we really know about her:, the background to her feast day and traditions, and what her miracles are all about

Happy Saint Brigid's weekend!

Regards from Colm and Susanna

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