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Enjoy Irish Culture ezine, December 2013 issue
February 01, 2014
Dear readers,

welcome to the February newsletter and Happy Saint Brigid's Day!

We are so glad to see you back so we can share some more exciting Ireland topics with you!

Saint Brigid, Ireland's 'other' Patron Saint is being celebrated today with the making of Brigid's crosses, and if you'd like to join us in our studio we'd love to show you how to make those with natural materials only!

You can also find out here about Brigid's life, miracles and traditions.

We also have some new content we'd like to invite you to sample. As we are working our way through all the places we visited last year, we realised just how much Irish castles have grown on us. So, we wrote and built a few more castle pages! Firstly on Roscommon Castle which has a very special place among the medieval castles in Ireland, and secondly on the Ormond Castle at Carrick on Suir. This castle's groundbreaking design that brought a new life style to Ireland was the product of a very unusual love story. Enjoy!

Our last adventure this month sent us deep into medieval Ireland's history to the so called 'Second Battle of Athenry'. This story dating to 1316 is full of twists and turns and as fascinating as Game of Thrones. Check it out!

Moreover, if you enjoy our regular newsletter, you may also be interested in becoming a Facebook Fan (EnjoyIrishCulture)for an interactive experience of daily posts on Irish interest items. We'd appreciate your support in building up our FB audience. As a pay off, being a FB fan will give you access to competitions we are running on the page. Come and join in!

If you like Pinterest, (IrishCultureJoy) come and join us there and see our large boards on various Irish interest topics.

Enjoy Irish Culture now has a facility for visitors to the site to submit their favourite Ireland travel photos. We will develop these into an online gallery. Why not submit some of yours? We'd love a hand in getting this project off the ground.

Thanks very much for subscribing, have a great month ahead in the build-up to Saint Patrick's Day and please spread the word about our website so that others may enjoy it, too!

Thanks a million! Warmest regards from Susanna and Colm

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