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Enjoy Irish Culture ezine, December 2013 issue
April 01, 2014
Dear readers,

this is our April newsltter already, how time has flown since Paddy's Day.

Well this is the beginning of summer (we hope) and certainly time to plan for your holidays, so we are going to inspire you with some ideas for things to see in Ireland, this time in the West and North West.

We'll start you off in Roscommon town which has a hidden treasure at its heart, the local Castle. This easily disreagrded ruin was once one of the most important castles in the country, and to historians and archaeologists, it still is. We say, make it part of your journey around the West and you won't be disappointed to have seen this magnificent historic ruin!

Moving on swiftly to the nearby Strokestown, check out the local big house that was behind the planning and building of this town, which offers a fabulous heritage tour not to be missed. Strokestown Park House also houses the Irish Famine Museum because it has its' own piece of history to tell in relation to the famine, which is told in the museum, and there are beautiful gardens and a cafe to round off your day.

Then we are on to County Sligo which is one of the best places to visit for ancient sites in Ireland, and holds two particular treasures you should not miss when travelling through- the ancient megalithic tombs at Carrowmore and Carrowkeel.

We hope we got you thinking about planning for the summer ahead!

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Thanks very much for subscribing, hope you have a great month ahead. Enjoy the build-up to Saint Patrick's Day and the big day itself!

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Thanks a million! Warmest regards from Susanna and Colm

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