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Enjoy Irish Culture ezine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 03, 2013

Dear readers,

thanks for subscribing to the Enjoy Irish Culture ezine. This is our April edition highlighting some of the pages we have added to our website over the last month.

If the links below aren't active in your mail, copy and paste them into your browser window.

We have started a new section this month on the Castles of Ireland with a feature on a local Norman towerhouse, the most common type of castle which can be found all over the country:

Our song section has been extended to include sean nos with the example of a very moving song:

And the final taster is an extension to the history section, a page on the Norman invasion of Ireland:

Just enough tasters to entertain you this stunning April evening! Come visit us often and learn something new about Irish culture each time. Slán and see you again soon.

Regards, Colm and Susanna

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